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Racing 2011

Welcome to our racing page for 2011, this year we will be racing our 25 year old Yamaha FJ1100's in the Pre Injection ( Pre-2001) with NG road racing club. This Year there are 3 of us racing Phil "Doc" Hacker with his newly shod Ohlins front end 160 BHP FJ, Paul "Jorge" Harlington & my self. Our 1st race of the year is at Brands Hatch 19 & 20 March so why not pop along & give some support & see how these old tourers fair against more modern machinery.

All the photo's on this page are provided by
Kerry Rawson

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Brands Hatch Round 1

This being the first race of the year & the start of my first full season with NG I was looking forward to it but I should of known it was going to be disaster when I had to rush round & get 2 new tyres fitted to the van due to the side walls perished an hour before we was due to set off. We done a track day there a week before as I have never been to Brands but crashed on the track day which aggravated my shoulder injury from August last year. It was a bit of a rush to get there as Caz had booked the ACU training course so she could get her race licence & with the traffic we only just made it.
Saturday we woke up to a severe frost & the sound of the marshals gritting the track, I should of gone home then. I took the wet bike out for practice & it just didnít feel right but put down to the winter lay off & being over cautious with my shoulder.
Race 1 I couldnít ride for toffee & the bike seemed down on power & I was 2nd from last. We had a quick look at the bike but could not see anything but every now & again I did hear a slight rattle but nothing to speak of. Phil was on fire with his new Ohlins front end & won the PI class, Paul finished behind me.
Championship Race
This was really a repeat of first race & I just couldnít get my head round Brands but scored some points, Phil took the win again & was making a lot of the Streetstock guys look silly on his FJ.
Race 1
I took the dry bike out for this race being concerned about the engine on the other bike but on the 4th lap she went sick & I had to pull in. It seemed we had picked up some bad fuel & the carbs were full of crap. I started the other bike up to check the engine, the rattle was back & sounded worse so I had no choice but to call it a day as there was not enough time to strip & clean the carbs. Phil was 3rd on the road & 1st in class again, I stood & watched the race & I have to give Phil full credit for what he done on his FJ in that race, you have to wonder what he could do if he was on a modern bike. Paul wobbled round to finish the race destroying the heel on his new boots. (long story).
I look back at Brands now & think on reflection I should of stayed at home, there was just too much going on during the day for me to keep a clear head to race but I guess thatís how it goes sometimes.
I should mention that Adam had a good ride even though his head was down because of hold up & messing about with his new engine, Brian was going was well & was up the front of the pre-injection class.
The rattle on the engine on the FJ was caused by the pump strainer splitting & some crap had gone round the oil ways & scored the crank & cams.

Cadwell Park

Cadwell was a bit better for us than Brands but not by much, although the bikes was fully sorted for this round I wasnít.
Race 1
If I am honest this was by far my worst performance on the bike to date, struggling to get of the line I was last in to first corner & over the remaining laps of the race I managed to snatch a couple of places back
Championship Race
This was pretty much a repeat of the first race & I was struggling with the bike as my shoulder & arm was an issue but we got some points & more laps to get back in the swing of things. Phil once again took the win & Paul finished behind me.
Race 1 & Championship race was very similar to Saturday for me except I had a tyre go off in the championship race & the bike was sliding bad on the right handers. A few more points was gained so not a total disaster. Phil again took the win & Paul crashedÖÖÖ..becoming a habit of Paulís this is.



Pembrey is a fair old trip for us & taking 3 bikes this time I had to take the trailer as well., on top of that I had Tiny (Chris ) & his girlfriend in the van as well. Why 3 bikes ? Caz had entered her first race in the 400 Streetstock class.
I went to Pembrey purely to have fun & enjoy myself. As the weekend went on I was getting better & better & feeling more at home on the bike, Every race I was last out of the first corner but managed to get a few places back.
SS400 Race
Caz had a bad weekend as every race she had was plagued with crashes one resulting in Deeane Colins being air lifted. Although she was last in all her races her lap times was showing vast improvement on a track she had never seen before & I should mention that her bike is totally stock.
This was a really strange weekend for crashes & incidents & top marks to all the marshals & NG club in how these was dealt with. Phil crashed in the championship race & hurt his hands, the first DNF of the year for Phil, Paul stayed on his bike for a change at this one, that super glue is bloody good stuff you know, lets hope he continues to stay on.

Mallory Park

I really can not get excited about the one day events, for us it is a world of work for 20 mins on the bike but I guess thatís how it is some times, having never raced at Mallroy before I thought I would just go & have fun again., once again the FJ would not come of the line & I was last in to the first corner in both races but clawed back a couple places, I was reasonably happy with the result but I am still struggling with the arm issue, Phil was riding injured but scored points to close the gap on Adam. Paul stayed on again so the super glue is still working. Caz was unable to ride at this one as she was not well but should be ok for the next one. At Oulton Park where I will put money on Phil for the win ;-).


Oulton Park

Oulton is one of those tracks that is never kind to me but this time I have to say I enjoyed it. I went purely to have fun & get back on track with FJ for the next round. Both races at Oulton was the same as the previous races so far this year but we scored some points some I came away happy, Phil as I predicted won the championship race & goes to Anglesey tied in points with Adam, sorry Adam but I money goes on Phil for the next round, Paul done well & yet again stayed on ! The shock of the day was Caz, She had a very confusing 1st race & she was listed as a DNF, after speaking to the office it was soon resolved & she had moved from 15th on the grid in her first race to 13th on the grid for the championship race. She was going well & was not intimidated by the size of the grid, she finished 2nd in class. This was great result as it was only her second race ever.


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It was an eventful weekend to say the least, Anglesey as usual was windy and raining when we arrived (now there's a surprise). Saturday however brought about drier weather which was nice but it was still overcast and windy.

Sat practice went well for all 3 FJ's, Caz had a technical issue with her 400, which involved me helping push her back to the paddock while trying to carry my camera too which exhausted me for most of the day, lol. After a quick investigation it turned out she'd had a fuel leak overnight and the tank was empty, so leak found and fixed.

Sat - qualifying race, Phil was 4th in the overall race (1st in class), with a lap of 1:16.92, Paul came 21st (7th in class) with a 1:22.85 and Steve was 22nd (8th in class) with a lap of 1:23.66 with 25 bikes finishing. Cazís qualifying race ended in disaster though as she had an acrobatic off (apparently as I missed it, I was at the wrong corner), resulting in a bruised swollen knee which sidelined her for the rest of the weekend and a slightly damaged but repairable 400.

Sat Ė championship race, well this was a rather exciting but controversial and disappointing one. Steve improved and managed a 16th overall (4th in class) doing a 1:20.98 knocking 2.5 seconds off his lap, nice one Steve and Paul finished 17th overall (5th in class) with a 1:22.94 and was visibly improving. Now to Phil, who was comfortable in 2nd battling for 1st in the overall race, when the rider in 3rd who was about 30yds back, for some reason unknown to anyone didnít appear to brake (he didnít explain what happened), clipping Phil, taking Phil down, then promptly hitting the guy in 1st taking him out too in the same spectacular accident. How someone 30yrds back can wipe out the front two everyone found amazing but thatís racing. Luckily none of the riders were injured, the FJ only suffered a bent footpeg however the brand new ZX10 and R1 were a lot worse off, just goes to show how tough the FJís are. Unfortunately though, Adam took max points while Phil didnít score so it now looks unlikely Phil can win the championship with just 3 races left.

Sunday brought the sunshine and smiles though. With Caz still suffering, Steve decided heíd step in and have a go on her 400, resulting in a huge smile when he returned from his practice laps, needless to say I guess there maybe alterations to the seat unit if he steps in again, lol as Iím not repeating what he said when he returned, pmsl.

Paul went out in his newcomersí race and seemed to enjoy himself again, getting more and more confident on the FJ.

The qualifying PI race was just as exciting as Saturdayís. Phil this time managed a 2nd overall (his best overall race finish) and 1st in class with a best lap of 1:14.72, Steve came in 20th (7th in class) with a 1:22.36 and Paul ended with 21st (8th in class) after a 1:23.15

Steve then went out in the 400 qualifying race taking 1st in class with a 1:27.47 and was 10th overall, he again returned with a huge smile and a boost to his confidence which flowed over into his next FJ race.

The FJ boys saved the best till last and in the championship race on Sunday, Phil was again looking confident in 2nd place overall and was visibly faster than the guy in 1st and we were all looking forward to a possible overall race win and were just waiting for the move when the race was red flagged after 5 laps (should have been 8). So Phil took 2nd overall (1st in class) with a 1:15.10, Steve came in 18th (6th in class) with a 1:20.87 and Paul got 20th (7th in class) with a lap of 1:23.13

Steve went out in the 400 championship race and promptly whooped ass, with a 1st in class again (8th overall) and knocked over 3 seconds off with a lap of 1:24.55 so well done Steve.

This months race report was done by Kerry Rawson (many thanks Kerry)

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